The Right To Hope

with cancer

I am a former fast jet pilot, a PhD holder, and a deeply loved husband with an especially contented life together.

I have also been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Air Marshal Dr David Walker

It was a quirk of biology that gave me this cancer but it is a perpetual lack of funding which seals its incurable fate.

Perpetual means that it has been tolerated. Tolerated, and accepted, that people diagnosed with brain, and certain other cancers, will not be given the same right to hope. No one should have to face cancer with the entrenched disadvantage of one hand tied behind their back.

I do not want to be defined by brain cancer. I want to be defined by doing something about it. To not take action means cancer takes over.

Air Marshal David and Mrs Catherine Walker

This website, a work in progress, will support the effort to level up hope for all the less-funded cancers. I do it for all those going through the illness and their desperate families.

I dedicate it to my devoted wife Catherine who carries me through with heartbreak and resilience, tenderness and resolve, helplessness and determination. She, and all loved ones in our situation, strive for our lives and never fail us. Science must now be enabled to do the same.

Catherine and I designed this together, have gone through cancer together, and devised our campaign together. When the time comes, I pass the baton to her as my sole authority and my life’s wingman.

working to bring hope to all cancers

with Catherine, my wingman wife

Air Marshal David Walker with my wife Catherine.